Leash Anxiety/Fear of walks

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My furry companion is 15 months old Beagle. I got him when he was 6 months old from a breeder. I have strange issue which I need help with.

– Morning walks and potty break: Excited to go outdoors and comes forward to get the leash on. When outside, very confident and playful. Not afraid of anything except loud sounds from motor Bikes etc

– Evening Potty break : Runs away from the leash. Does not want to step out.

– Late evening after sunset. : Cautiously steps out. But the same surroundings which were fine in the morning are suddenly very scary.

So, I started driving him to the Dog parks in the evening. The park is filled with many dogs accompanied by their parents. But he shows no sign of fear or anxiety. Very confident again and plays to heart content , approaches strangers with no issues.

I was thinking that if I don't use the leash in the evening, maybe he will not be fearful but then local rules do not allow offleash in public places. I guess, for some reason, he feels vulnerable and scared in the evening time only. Very strange. Can someone help me understand and how to solve this? I have already checked with my vet and they advised socialization. But that doesn't help me at all.


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