Leash and potty training????

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Hi guys, this is a bit of a 2 in 1 – leashing for potty time and how to get her to like her leash.

Ive read in here a couple of times people talking about leashing their puppy when they take them to go potty outside…

Am I supposed to be doing that? Because, i haven’t, I’ve been picking her up and placing her in her potty spot and she knows what to do. But has an accident at least once a day and usually it’s after I’ve taken her out which is super annoying. But I have read that’s just bc she is young doesn’t yet have full bladder control so she isn’t completely finishing properly.

She’s a rescue and maybe 7 weeks old (possibly a week younger).

I’ve tried leashing her but she hates it and tries to pull away and get it off and I don’t know what to do to train her to like her lead

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