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Hello all!

I am looking for some advice to help me with my 6 month old poodle mix. We got him in January, and pee matt trained him. Now that it is warmer we have started training him to go outside. We would like him to know to go inside (on the matt) and outside. Maybe this is already too confusing to him and this is the reason for the problem we are having.

He is lacking giving us any signal to go to the bathroom. There is a door blocking the inside matt and the door to the backyard. There is also a matt accessible to him in his play area ( we are slowly phasing this one out, but occasional used for an emergency bathroom break when playing).

Occasionally he will look at us and we think nothing of it until theres an accident. We are missing a signal from him from when he needs to go. Is there any way we can train him to give us a clear signal?

TLDR; Need advice on how to train my dog to signal when he needs to go to the bathroom.

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