Lack of Routine – health problems??

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Our family has an 8-month, neutered Corgi.

Up until now, I’ve made sure my pup was awake and fed at regular times, with lots of exercise and play.

Now…. I’ve moved away for school and my brother is the primary caretaker at the moment.

My brother has been waking up really late and there’s no routine established for our dog (ie. feeding times, exercise, play etc.) My brother will wake up just so he has enough time to get ready for work/school and leave our dog’s kibble in the kitchen, hoping he eats it. Rarely, they’ll go for a walk in the morning, but there’s no real exercise at all.

Also, it doesn’t help that our dog is a picky eater and needs some cajoling before he eats.

I was home for the long weekend, and before I left yesterday, I gave our dog dinner at 6:30pm. My mom called and said both my dog and brother weren’t awake until 11am today (they sleep together). For over 12 hours, he didn’t have food and he didn’t pee since 11pm.

Although he doesn’t bark in bed, and falls in and out of sleep, I can’t possibly imagine this behaviour being healthy for our puppy??

I’m far from home and feel very helpless, I really wish I was there for my dog. If my mom tries to tell my brother, he starts yelling at her and won’t admit he’s wrong, or that should wake up earlier.

Just needed to vent. There has to be health consequences to this behaviour right? Loss of appetite, digestion issues, etc? Could you mention them down below so I can send this to my brother? I’m beyond upset.

Thanks so much.

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