Lack of help from boyfriend is driving me to a breakdown.

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I’m on the edge of my breakdown.

We’ve had our puppy for two and a half weeks. My boyfriend has been completely absent in helping me with him – his contribution is being at home with him alone for an hour and a half in the morning after my hour shift in morning and switching every other day coming home at lunch.

Other than that, it’s me with the dog alone. My boyfriend has softball twice a week, he goes to his parents house once a week, he plays soccer once a week on one of the same nights as softball and he’s managed to have a get together with friends the vast majority of the other nights since we’ve brought the puppy home. I’d also like to point out that two of these teams he recently joined and by recent I mean after we got the puppy, so it’s not like they were already commitments.

Tonight for example he worked from 9-5, went to the store, went to his parents, went to softball , went to soccer. I got home from work at 3:45. I put the dog to bed just now. So in 5 hours, I took the dog out 11 times to go to the bathroom and he went all but one time. One time he asked to go out and I was exhausted and didn’t and he peed on the rug. I sat there and cried. Repeat almost every night of the week. I can’t do anything around the house because I’m watching this dog constantly to make sure he doesn’t bite and ruin anything. I haven’t had a second to myself in two and a half weeks.

I’ve tried conveying how stressed I am to my boyfriend. I’ve told him I can’t stop crying and that I didn’t sign up to do this alone. He told me that well maybe I shouldn’t have a dog at all if I’m this stressed out and that’s it’s really not a big deal. That I make everything out to be the end of world and to stop feeling sorry for myself that he’s gone a few nights a week.

Not really looking for advice because I’m sure everyone will say dump him this has nothing to do with the dog, but I really just want to know that I’m not the only one who’s sat down in their kitchen and cried after getting their puppy.

Ps: honestly shout out to everyone who’s single and raising a puppy alone. It takes so much work.

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