Kudos to everyone who’s helping their dogs with separation anxiety. I’m a professional trainer and I’m overwhelmed!

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I've been a dog behavior consultant for 3 years, a dog trainer for 6. I specialize in working with dogs with significant phobias or aggression concerns. I've never considered working with dogs with separation anxiety to be my forte. In fact, when I was adopting my dog last year, "not having sep anx" was one of my top criteria as I sifted through shelter dogs.

Well, lo and behold, my best friend is starting to struggle being left alone. It's not at all surprising with our current lifestyle (long story short, I'm moving houses every 1-2 weeks right now for a road trip). I worried this might happen, but I did preventative training before the trip and this dog has always been just so darn steady.

Anyway, I just purchased a sep anx training plan from Malena DeMartini-Price. I input the whole thing as a step-by-step tasklist in Asana (what I use for work) to keep myself on track with his training. I'm very fortunate to a) have the flexibility to stay with him full time while we resolve this and b) already be a trainer.

But, HOLY MOLY! This is an intense process. I sit here in awe of my clients who have managed to tackle these training plans. I never quite realized how much work this was, until I started putting the steps down in my calendar.

On another note, has anyone else used Asana (or Trello or another task manager) for dog training? I think I'm going to like this!

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