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So we brought home a Cavalier King Charles a couple weeks ago (he's coming up on 11 weeks old) and we went to get him a Kong today, with my intention being that he uses it to have his 3-square meals a day out of. The only problem is that the XS size that is recommended for a dog his size and age is nowhere near big enough to fit a meal in.

So he's supposed to have 25g kibble a meal, but this recommended Kong only supports about 9-10g. Do I put off the idea of having his meals in there and just use it for treats, or is there a way to feed a small puppy with the XS Kong? Or do I just need to forgo the size recommendations and get him a Kong that can fit his meal size?

Sorry for rambling. Just found this sub and have been reading through the wiki like crazy. I've had dogs before but never a puppy so it's kind of new territory.

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