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Thought I'd share this Kong filler tip that I stumbled upon recently (though I'm sure it's nothing new): pre-frozen filler cubes.

I was making a big batch of lean ground beef for Kong fillers and was trying to think of how to freeze it to make it last, and thought of a trick I use for freezing stock: ice cube trays. I portioned out the beef into the trays, added a little bit of a mixture of water + coconut oil, and froze. Now, instead of my previous routine of taking the Kong, plugging the hole with PB, filling it up with whatever I'm using, adding water, hoping it doesn't leak, freezing for hours, etc., all leaving a lot less time to be able to toss the Kong in the dishwasher, I just pop in a few cubes (the large puppy one barely fits 3) and it's good to go! Takes her over an hour to finish, just as long as it used to when the whole thing was frozen.

I'd imagine this should work with whatever other frozen filler you'd normally use, like baby food, pumpkin, chicken, stock, wet food, etc. I use an ice cube tray with a silicone bottom that helps to push them out, and I think the tiny bit of coconut oil helps a little as well.

Hope this helps someone out there!

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