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I’m so annoyed with the vet tech from our 2nd puppy appointment yesterday. This was his 2nd round of vaccines and he’s about 14 weeks old. In his last appointment, the vet instructed to feed 2 cups of food daily, because my puppy is underweight. I mentioned to the tech at this appointment that he was refusing to eat at times. She asked how much I was feeding and I told her. To which she replied that I must be mistaken and there was a miscommunication. She said her 75lb dog doesn’t eat that much and it couldn’t be right. Then the vet walks in and confirmed to be eating 2 cups until he gets to a more substantial weight.

Later in the appointment, I was asking about how to stop him biting. Vet tech was on the floor playing with him. She got him to stop with a simple firm “no”. I told her that it gets him more excited at home when I vocalize while he’s biting. Her response was “well, he’s reacting to it here, so it works. You just need to use your mom voice. Be stern”. Well! I tried it at home in the sternest deepest voice I could muster. It got him super riled up. Frenzied even. When I said “no” he growled and chomped harder. Shocking. -_- It’s like… of course he’s being calm and responsive here. He’s stressed and subdued. It’s like when your kid goes to play somewhere else and the other mom says what a nice, polite little angel you have.

It annoys me that she wants to give this advice as though she’s the absolute authority on both animal nutrition and behavior. I’m just excited that his 2nd round of vaccinations are done. He is signed up for puppy ‘play and learn’ daycare on Monday and an 8 week puppy training class starts the 19th. Hopefully we’ll make some headway.

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