Kim K And Kanye West Watch On As North Becomes The Cutest Flower Girl Ever

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Becoming a bloom girl is a bit of a rite of passage for a young girl.

I wouldnt know, as I was an extremely ugly child and no one asked me to be their bud girl, but I suppose it was.

On Friday, North West got to experience that splendid rite of passage, where she got to walk down the alley, hurl some petals and become the centre of scrutiny as everyone read a collective, Awww

Proud mother, Kim Kardashian, took to Snapchat to describe the beginning of this beautiful era 😛 TAGEND

The flower crown is not just iconic, it is perfect in this situation.

While father, Kanye West, “ve been a little” balk for the camera, Kim K sustained 😛 TAGEND

At the actual liturgy, you could see that North Wests cousin, Penelope Disick, was also there wearing white.

So it looks like it was a Kardashian family event! These two are probably just about the cutest cousins you will ever find.

Meanwhile, North had stunning purple flowers in her mane. Just guess all of the fun her and Penelope went up to at the ceremony and the reception.

But my favorite part of this ceremony, besides( of course) North West being so absolutely adorable I want to scream, were the two pups who likewise looked like the latter are experiencing the festivities.

The even had their own flower crowns!

How cute is North playing with those puppies? Frankly, it is an image I shant recover from. #familygoals.

While theres no video of North actually acting her duties as a bud girl( bummer) were sure the little one did an perfectly stellar job.

Hopefully, there will be some Instagram follow-ups to this mystical daylight boasting the whole clas!

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