“Kennel nose” while re-learning crate training. Help!

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As a puppy Bernie was crate trained and did great. We lived in a big house with lots of roommates and it was a safe space for him to go when no one could supervise him and for sleeping. Once he was about a year old he started sleeping in my bed or my roommates and he loved it, but was also generally still fine with sleeping in his crate. Too many nights in bed and he would cry a bit when sleeping in his crate again, but eventually cut it out. In June we moved into an apartment just the two of us. I tried leaving him alone in the apartment a few times and he did great. Never chewed anything, just hung out. I even gave my phone number to my neighbors to reach out if he was excessively barking, nothing.

With my partner moving in and a new neighbor in the building across from us everything has changed! Our previous neighbor always had the curtains drawn, but this one does not. Bernie barks nonstop when he can see that person. It’s easy to redirect him when I’m home but when I’m not he just stares and barks, driving my neighbors insane. I would simply draw my curtains but I have about 30 plants that need the light. So, we started just putting him in the bedroom when we left where he cannot see out to a neighbor. It’s been about two weeks living with my partner and he’s decided Bernie sleeping in bed with us is a no go. Which I understand. So, when I went to put Bernie in his crate to sleep, something he has not done in a long time, he freaked. Crying for hours and more importantly slamming his nose into the crate causing it to bleed. Last night I gave up and slept on the couch with him. I came home today after being gone for two hours to blood all over his crate and the top of his nose rubbed raw. I was mortified to say the least.

HOW can I safely retrain Bernie to sleep in his crate and stay in there when neither of us are home? (4-5 hours per day on average, broken up). I’d even be fine with him sleeping on the couch! We have tried this but then he sneaks his way up onto the bed. We are trying to not have him on the bed even to just hang out anymore.

Thank you to anyone who responds this is SO long and constructed poorly.

TLDR: Dog used to be crate trained but after a year of sleeping in beds is having a hard time going back to the crate. Rubbing his nose raw and crying endlessly. Living circumstances call for him to spend some time in there now. How can I train him?

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