Ken Bone establishes his ‘SNL’ debut in a recreation of the town hall debate

Did Donald Trump hand Hillary Clinton the presidential election? Is he privately a shark? Why was Ken Bone broke? And why can’t America have neat happenings?

Saturday Night Live sought to answer all these questions on Oct. 15 or at the least, requesting them to again.

In the political opener for this week’s occurrence, Kate McKinnon and Alec Baldwin reprised their capacities as the 2016 presidential frontrunners in a TL ;D R lampoon of the most recent town hall meeting.

Baldwin lurked ominously behind McKinnon the way Trump followed Clinton during the second dispute. Funnily enough, it disappears eerily well with the Jaws theme. Then they grew it over to undecided voter Ken Bone( Bobby Moynihan ), who experienced his own fall from grace since the debate.

In her opening monologue, legion Emily Blunt performed a musical count to confuse the audience from the “dark cloud” of the election this included passing out cookies and puppies and offering free massages.

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