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Hello all,

When my 8-year-old mini schnauzer finds out that it’s time for a walk, his favorite thing is to run over, grab his leash and bring it to me. He gets very excited about his morning walk and inevitably takes out his excitement by shaking his leash around in his mouth before I put on his harness and hook him up.

The poor guy has been dealing with what we suspect is IVDD for a while. Every once in a while, he’ll have a day where he doesn’t want to do anything because his neck hurts. He’s gone on a few rounds of medicine from the vet but hasn’t had surgery.

Anyway, we can prevent him from doing pretty much everything else in his life that might hurt his neck, but when it comes to his morning walks I am very unsure of how to break this long habit (that I now realize I shouldn’t have allowed from earlier in life). I can’t imagine it’s good for his sensitive neck to give it a vigorous shake in the morning. I’ve tried skipping the “bring me the leash” portion but he just waits until the leash is around and hooked on and THEN shakes it. Any suggestions?

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