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Kate Gosselin’s girls embarrassed by mummy in brand-new ‘Kate Plus 8’ trailer

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Kate Gosselin is celebrating a decade on TLC with a brand new season of “Kate Plus 8.”

In the brand-new trailer for the upcoming eight-episode season, premiere Tuesday, Nov. 22 at 10 p.m. ET/ PT, life has changed significantly for Kate and her eight boys , now teenagers.

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Kicking off with an anniversary special, TLC will debut previously unseen footage from the past 10 times and new interrogations with the Gosselin pack as they celebrate the family’s anniversary on the network. Harmonizing to TLC, Kate and her children will be addressed some of their most memorable moments. It is unclear whether Kate’s ex-husband, Jon, who was a part of “Jon& Kate Plus 8, ” will be included.

In the brand-new chapters of “Kate Plus 8, ” Kate and her eight teenagers — twins Cara and Mady , now 16; sextuplets Aaden, Collin, Joel, Leah, Alexis and Hannah , now 12 — have several momentous occasions, from birthdays and driving exercises to house vacations and recreation nights.

The brand-new footage pictures just how much things have changed with the hatch, and it’s clear that the teenage kids’ constant embarrassment over their mom is reaching new heights.

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To celebrate their birthdays, Kate employs on a scavenger hunting where the girls vie against the sons, and when she questions them where their brand-new lineage puppies are, she has a mild freak-out. “Mommy’s soooo overdramatic, ” one of her kids announces, as a montage of Kate being a little overly dramatic( while canoeing, demanding waffles in the kitchen) plays through.

During a museum excursion, Kate is the only one who runs fright following a representation, to which her boys reaffirm that their 41 -year-old mother “likes to make a scene.” Hilariously, her children acknowledge none of them want to be “on Mommy’s team” whenever they’re playing games on their own families outing because “she’s way extremely competitive.”

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“I precisely require you to stop yell and being accentuated, ” Mady tells her mummy in an effort to soothe Kate’s nerves. In a sweet time, we likewise learn that Collin, whom Kate indicates that there is August was are participating in a programme designed away from home to improve him cope with “special necessities, ” was a particular help to her during a family trip.

“Kate Plus 8” premieres Nov. 22 on TLC.

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