Justin Bieber Just Got The Cutest New Puppy, And He Has A Great Call

Here’s some Bieber news that won’t prepare you face palm: Justin Bieber has a new puppy!

Yep, Justin Bieber just adopted a cute little puppy and announced it on Instagram. The newestaddition to the Bieber family is reputation … Phil!

The caption reads,

New addition to the family his figure is Phil.

That puppy, who looks like a pitch-black Labrador Retriever to me, is freakin’ cute, as puppies tend to be.

Justin already has another pup called Esther, and the two dogsseem to be get along.

Like any proud new daddy, Justin posted a ton of pictures of little Phil on Instagram.

But I can’t stop laughing at the name Phil. Phil? Really, Biebs? Phil ?

Phil sounds like the identify of your co-worker whoyou’reonly half sure is married, but you ask about his wife regardless when you’re stuck in the elevator together. Aw, you guys are trying for teenagers again? Good son, Phil!

Well, welcome to the family, Phil Bieber. We’re all praying for you.

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