Just had the perfect storm of things going wrong tonight

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My 9 week old puppy is just with me this weekend since my partner is away at a friends. He has been perfect with puppy pads in the house, but we need to get him going to the loo outside so 2 days ago i took them away. Again, perfect, he still hasnt had an accident since the day he came home. We were playing this evening and he ran into the front room onto the other side of the table and promptly decided to take a poo on the rug before i had a chance to stop him (i follow him around everywhere), despite me taking him outside every half hour or so to use the pad out there.

Shit. Literally. Not to worry, i just pick him up, take him outside for 10 min, he doesnt go. Let him back in, he runs straight into the front room and finishes his poop. I grab the tissue and cleaner and take his poo to the toilet. In that moment, he decides he wants to try climbing upstairs, something he has only ever discovered he can do today. I didnt see him go and in a moment of panic i call him and hear him try and fail to get down the stairs, he fell down a few, not many i dont think, but enough for an audible bump and causing me to react like hed jumped off a cliff, before brushing himself off and acted like nothing had happened. I put him in his crate after checking he is okay, finish cleaning up the poop and here we are.

He isnt injured, no limp, no wounds, nothing as far as i can tell. He went straight back to playing, but after the events of this evening i sat down on the carpet and just burst into tears. I feel like a failure, even though he is fine (currently sleeping soundly next to me). I should have had a barrier stopping him from going up the stairs, i should have paid closer attention to him in the living room before he pooped.

Just needed to vent this out.

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