Just got a last minute opportunity to spend two weeks abroad for work. I’d love to go, but I’m concerned about how my already anxious puppy would handle it. Anyone been in a situation like this? How did your dog handle it?

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Hey everyone,

My job just gave me the option of going to India for two weeks for work. Which is super cool and, if not for Masala (my dog's name is Masala, I don't have anything against Indian food), it would have been an instant yes.

Thing is, she's pretty anxious in general and I'm really not sure how she would handle me disappearing for two weeks. There isn't anyone familiar that can look after her, so she'll either be at a boarding facility or a coworkers house (maybe a mix of both). Daycare is her favorite thing and she loves playing off leash, so I'll definitely be leaving her somewhere with other dogs to play with and distract her. My main hope is that if she has play buddies every day she'll be too tried by evening to be too anxious about me not coming back.

She handled leaving her foster home pretty badly when she left at 16 weeks. She's coming up on 9 months now and gets anxious and has a hard time settling if I'm not around.

The other concern is her hyper leash reactivity. I'd definitely leave her somewhere she won't need walks for exercise so they don't have to worry about it.

Anyone have a similar experience? How has your dog handled extended absences? Could a sudden change like that worsen her anxiety?


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