Just frustrated with my puppy

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I’m not sure I should even call him a “puppy” per say because he’s going to be a year old in less than a month.

Ever since I’ve had him, he’s loved to eat things. No, I don’t even mean chew, most just swallowing things whole. Within the first two weeks, he got into my laundry hamper and ate two socks and a pair of underwear. He’s gotten into my roommates stuff and eaten the crotch area of various pairs of pants and shorts. Ever since that scare, I started being very careful where I put my stuff so he couldn’t reach it. Although he’s gotten into other things in the past few months it’s been very minimal.

Today, he managed to get a hold of my AirPods since I forgot them on top of my desk. He chewed up the case badly, but didn’t actually eat the AirPods themselves. I can’t manage to locate the bottom part of the AirPods case and I realize if I can’t find it I’m going to need to take him to the vet since there’s a high possibility he ate it. I’m just so frustrated and unsure how to make him stop eating my shit. He has SO many toys and is fed plenty of food. How the fuck does one teach their puppy not to do this????

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