Just adopted a 2.5 month old American Bulldog mix and am looking for tips on properly socializing her so she is not dog aggressive.

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Hello all,

I searched through this sub for awhile and found some good related advice, but thought I would still ask about my specific case.

This morning I adopted a 2.5 month old female puppy from a local shelter. She's listed as an American Bulldog mix, but looks like she has some other stuff too, maybe pit bull or lab. Due to coronavirus I couldn't go in to the shelter to look at puppies, I could just choose from the website – so it's kind of a shot of the dark in terms of personality. However, I've lived/owned dogs previously (labs and a pit bull mix) so I wasn't afraid of the gamble.

Anyways, I picked her up this morning and she is so so sweet with people. She runs right up to anyone she meets with lots of wiggles and wags. Not aggressive at all with toys, treats, etc so far. Happy as can be.

However, I'm temporarily living in a duplex-type situation with my parents, who own a 13 year old cocker spaniel-lab mix. (I'm in the process of buying my own home, so this will only be for a few more weeks until I move.) My parent's dog is very old, very submissive and gentle.

After my puppy had explored my space a bit I decided to see how she'd react to my parents dog. I brought them both outside into the yard and my puppy immediately froze and made direct eye contact with my parent's dog. When my parent's dog got closer, my puppy started to shake and growl, and eventually barked and wanted to lunge at my parent's dog. This was quite startling since it appeared she was quite happy-go-lucky, but I understand she may not have had positive experiences with other dogs in her short life (or any for that matter).

All that beings said, I'm looking for tips on how to correctly socialize my puppy with other dogs to minimize this behavior as much as I can. I understand it's a mix if nature and nurture, but in this critical young period of her life I want to everything correctly to give my puppy the best chance of being more comfortable with other dogs. I've done some reading and watched a few videos but thought I'd go to Reddit too for advice, or direction on which resources to consult.

(I will probably post to r/reactivedogs too.) Thank you for your help!

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