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I have two cats (3 and 6 yrs old), a 9 year old stepdaughter, a husband, and a 10 month old husky.

If I attempt to give affection to any of them, the husky gets kind of upset. If I am petting a cat, she will run over and headbutt the cat out of the way and start rubbing her face on my hand. If I hug my husband, she tries to shove her way in between us.

There's no aggression to it, she just acts like she's never before been given any affection (totally not true!). While there is currently no aggression to this behavior, I worry that it could develop. I grew up with a chihuahua that was intensely protective of me and would do the same thing, along with snarling and biting. I do not want my husky to end up being the same way.

Am I worrying over nothing or is this something I should be heading off? How do I go about that?

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