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I’ve had a 18 lb JackChi, Oscar, since I got him at the shelter as a three-month-old almost four years ago (he was there for maybe a day). I have been vigilant with training. He’s so smart, he knows several tricks, he listens and obeys. Most of all, he’s potty-trained WHEN I’M HOME.

Oscar and I have moved several times, including taking a job where I traveled full time with him. He used to bark, starting 15 minutes after I’d leave. I was able to fix that. He doesn’t bark anymore at all. He’s lived with and without dogs his whole life. He’s fine with change.

He can hold it as long as he needs if I’m home. He was messed up when the shelter neutered him too young so he has a pill that strengthens his ureter but even then, doesn’t need diapers or a doggy door at all if I’m home. He can hold it for 10-12 hours overnight if he has to (we don’t do that often- just relevant to the next part).

Here’s the problem: He goes through long phases (I’m talking MONTHS) where he will do great when left alone and then, all of a sudden, will go back to anxiety peeing pretty much as soon as my fiancé and I leave.

There is NO consistency. Because Oscar and I have moved so often, I can’t even chalk it up to disliking an environment or getting jealous or anything. I had a roommate with a dog when I first got him as a puppy. Oscar was stubborn for sure, hated his crate, always peed on puppy pads when left in it but, hey, he’s a puppy.

A year later, I take the traveling job. Pees outside the crate, pees in the crate, all of a sudden: just stops. No rhyme or reason, perfectly trained dog. Can be left for hours outside the crate, won’t pee. Moved several times with that job to different climates and states. Still does great. Doesn’t pee.

Took a different job in a house with roommates but no dog: goes back to peeing. Nonstop peeing. He has to be left in a bathroom with puppy pads and left for max four hours. I pay for a daily dog walker who takes him for half hour walks at lunch because I don’t work close by. Still pees. I get a dog camera to watch him while I work and scold him through it if I actually see it happening or calm him if I see him freak out. Still pees. Then lays down and sleeps.

In September, I move in with my fiancé and his dog. No peeing. For months. No puppy pads. Not a single accident. The dogs love each other. Now, in the last five days, it’s nonstop peeing once we leave (and even pooping a couple of times) despite never being left for more than a few hours and ALWAYS being walked anytime before we leave. I’ve even bought diapers and he wriggles out of them and then pees on the floor.

I wouldn’t even say he’s as attached to me as he used to be in the last few months so it doesn’t even seem like separation anxiety.

Over the years, I have tried scolding. I’ve tried ignoring. I’ve tried pointing it out and lightly spanking. I’ve tried sobbing on the floor out of utter frustration in front of him and asking why he does this to me.

Y’all, I’m so frustrated. I’m not moving anytime soon. I haven’t changed his diet. I haven’t changed his habits. I don’t know what to do and I can’t be the pet owner who cleans up pee every day for the next 17-20 years. Please help.

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