It’s not the dog, it’s me (adjusting to a second dog)

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My wife and I have casually talked about getting a second dog to give our current a friend (so he's not bored all day). Well, Friday I picked my wife up from work and she had a horrible day so she wanted to go walk some dogs at the shelter. Long story short, we ended up adopting a dog. She's a lab/pit mix and she is very well behaved. She listens well, a little more energetic than our 1st dog and is very sweet. They two dogs are getting along somewhat-ish. Our 1st dog is a little apprehensive and just trying to learn who this new pooch is in the home, meanwhile she is doing just fine. My issue now is that I feel somewhat overwhelmed. I feel like this all happened too fast and was definitely not expecting to have a new dog in the home this weekend. Has anyone else every gone through this? I'm happy we rescued this sweet girl from the shelter, but I can't help feeling guilty about the anxiety of this new responsibility and not connecting with the dog. I don't feel ready, what are some tips to help me get over this?

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