It began with gay fossil copulation, then became the most heartwarming thread on the internet.

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Chuck Tingle doesn’t fit the typical image of a best-selling and award-nominated author. That’s exactly what realizes him so wonderful.

Not much is known about the man himself, although that hasn’t stopped his devotees from trying to uncover the truth. Tingle says he has autism and his pseudonymous generator identity is a mask that makes him be himself and connect with people in ways he’s often struggled with . He also says he has a black loop in tae kwon do and a Ph.D. in holistic medicine from DeVry University, and says he lives in Billings, Montana, with his “handsome son, name of JON, ” who helps edit his journals and clean up what he calls his “unique way” of writing. It’s hard to explain Tingle’s unique mode to those who haven’t been uncovered it. Tingle writes hilariously designation surreal homosexual erotica “tinglers” about dinosaurs, airplanes, handsome sentient nutrient, cryptozoological mortals such as Bigfoot and unicorns, current events and politics( frequently with dinosaurs, food, and/ or cryptozoological creatures ), and even unusual metafictional reflections on his own books and, yes, his own as. Here’s a small sampling of his act 😛 TAGEND

Tingle’s way is certainly unique. As funny as it might announce, his narrations have one astonishingly invigorating determination: to “prove that enjoyed is real . ”

Whether that love’s with another man or, ya know, a billionaire T-rex lawyer, that’s up to you. As long as you’re a “true buckaroo”( what Tingle calls his followers or anyone who proves desire ), you are able to overcome anything the “devils” hurl your mode, all in the name of love.

To celebrate his recent # 1 Amazon best-seller about a real-estate-mogul-turned-president and the Russian T-rex who loves him, Tingle hosted a Reddit AMA that arrived at the front page of the popular place sacrificing him an all the more important gathering than ever before. While some buckaroos who hadn’t yet been initiated into the Tingleverse were a little confused and uncomfortable at first, Tingle ultimately won them over with his unique mode which supposes a lot about his joy and the goodness in people’s hearts.

Here are 19 strong moments from Chuck Tingle’s Reddit AMA that support affection is very .

( Just a heads-up: Tingle’s unique lane features some unique expression and grammar. Those idiosyncrasies are continued below to give an accurate thought of the man himself .)

1. First, merely to be clear: “Love” doesn’t “ve got to be” sexual.

“love is real with or without our involvement as bud! ”

2. But enjoy does have to be consensual.

Remember, girls: Don’t put your butt in someone else’s as unless they explicitly communicated to you that they miss your butt inside their laughingstock.( As for the moralities of as cloning, I’m not even sure that I’m ready to tackle that subject just yet .)

Tingle’s unabashed enthusiasm is virulent, and beings like him and you always have the power to celebrate the things that reach life importance living. That’s how we substantiate love is real.

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