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Hi everyone. I just adopted a 1 year old Aussie mix. Honestly, he’s the perfect dog, but there’s one issue i’m wondering if I can detrain or not.

Apparently when he was a puppy he was very sick and as a result has poor eyesight. He’s definitely not blind, but he cannot see from far away.

Sometimes I have to leave him in my room for a bit, like when I go take a shower, since I can’t yet trust him to just be on his own in the entire house. However, when I come back, as I open the door he growls or barks. But as soon as he can see me he stops immediately and runs to come greet me.

Also, I find that if you make substantial noise before opening the door or approaching he does not growl or bark at all.

His previous owners who had him on a farm(not as a working dog, he just lived on a farm) told me that he would do similar things if they approached him from far away.

So I was wondering if this was something I could make him less anxious about, or if it’s just because he can’t see what’s happening?

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