Is this leash reactivity or puppy frustration?

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I have a 9 month old Sammy who is very playful and loves other dogs and people. I’m working on her walking calmly past others and she’s getting better about dogs but still lunges (in a I’msoexcitedpetme way) at people. She goes to doggy daycare 2x a week when I work late and we’re in advanced classes for training (did puppy and intermediate).

The problem I have is sometimes she will flip out on her leash with other dogs and show teeth and do an angry bark. It’s really embarrassing and aggressive but I don’t know what will cause it. It’s random dogs and in random situations. I will say it’s more likely to occur at Petsmart or Country max than outside. I think it happens more with bigger dogs or dogs her same size but there’s no real pattern. Sometimes she interacts with a dog before flipping and other times she just flipped. She did it today with a very large malamute (literally was a horse) when I went to go bathe her. I can’t figure out how to stop it- I’ve tried redirecting and using treats but she ignores me when she’s doing this.

I know it needs to be corrected now before it’s gets too far out of hand. It’s so embarrassing and I know she’s better than this. I did everything I could to socialize her and make sure she has positive interactions. She is great at daycare so I don’t know why this occurs. Please help!

The fluff monster in question.

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