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I’m an ER nurse, I should know better. Need to know if I’m over-googling before I freak and call the vet.

We live 2 blocks from my son’s school so we walk our big girl and 8wk pup to drop him off and pick him up. It’s like a 8 minute walk with breaks to sniff pine cones and whatnot. So today I had to wake up the pup from his nap to go cause his schedule was slightly off. He was not too interested in walking to school this afternoon, I carried him most of the way. On the walk back, he started walking sideways and then got super wobbly like he was drunk. This lasted about 10 seconds and I told my son to just carry him the rest of the way home.

We got back to the yard where he put him down, and he walked fine, had some chew time laying down, ate some food, drank water, pottied outside and is now taking a nap.

So of course I googled something about why is my puppy walking wobbly and now google says my puppy is dying.

Even typing this out I feel like an idiot but like, do puppies just get drunk wobbly from being too tired?

I tell my patients all the time to stay off of google lol, do I just need to heed my own advice here?

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