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I have an almost 11 month old bichon/cavalier cross. He has always been pretty energetic and easily excitable, however, at 8 months ish he was actually beginning to self settle. I have been doing Karen overall’s relaxation protocol since that time, along with treating him when he is calm.

However, within the past month or so he seems to have trouble settling again. He’s recently started barking when he hears noises or sees something out the window which he NEVER before the past month. He will lay down for a couple seconds before finding something to get into. I provide him a different chew each day, we do about 30 minutes of walks on weekdays and 2 hours on the weekend. We play fetch, use a flirt pole, do various trick training, etc.

Now, even after a long day, instead of settling he will ring the bell excessively even when he doesn’t need to go to the bathroom, jump and nip at me, bark, chase and bite his tail like crazy, or chew things he’s not supposed to. I thought it was a little late for adolescence to start, in fact I thought he already went through it. Do you think that’s what it could be or do you think it’s something else? Any advice? Thanks!

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