Is there ever a “right” time for a puppy?

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Hi everyone, first time poster and new to reddit.

I am scheduled to pick up my first pup, a German shepherd in January from a breeder. I originally had found her a couple years ago and was going to take a puppy then but there was far too much going on in my life to commit to a puppy at the time.

She just had another litter of pups this year, I specifically wanted a black male GSD and out of her whole litter she had 1 black male and the rest sables. What are the odds. It almost seems as if this dog was meant to be mine.

However, I recently have left a 4 year relationship and am now staying at my mothers and taking care of her senior cats and 2 year old dog while she works out of country for 6 months. I am also in the middle of a lengthy job application in law enforcement that will likely have me going for 4 months of training in a different city around June until October, afterwards I’ll likely be living elsewhere and will have to find a home to purchase or rent.

I know this all sounds a bit messy, cause it certainly is. But my question is, with this being the only black pup of the litter (as if the stars had aligned) me having (primarily) free time until June to raise a puppy.. should I do this now? Or should I wait until I’m in my own home and established in my career?

My concerns are raising a puppy around a 2 year old dog that has had very little training from my mother and the pup picking up her bad habits. I intend to train him the best that I possibly can and enrol in a local working dog club as well. I am also worried about her senior cats being extremely stressed out with another dog in the home. Am I putting these cats under too much stress?

I have already told a lot of people about my plans to take this dog and my family and friends are supportive but part of me is telling me I should wait. I know I’ll feel incredibly bad backing out of another puppy but don’t want to get the puppy because of feeling guilty that I turned down another dog of hers. I also don’t know if I will regret not getting the pup or not, he is currently only a week old and I have not met the litter yet. I’m faced with a hard situation right now.

What would you do if you were in a similar situation? Is there ever a right time to get a puppy?

Edit: Yes, I have researched the breed extensively and grew up with German shepherds, so I do know what I’m getting myself into on that aspect

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