Is pet Insurance really the way to go?

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I have been mostly quiet in this sub. Mostly because until recently I have felt a tad overwhelmed with my pup. I tend to watch and learn instead of dive in. Fair warning this partly a vent, partly a question.

Anyway getting to the point, I have a 9 month old "Alaskan Husky"/American Bulldog mix. She tears apart her toys and whatever is designated as hers. Recently she got sick or had something stuck in her throat from this behavior. My vet couldn't see ANYTHING wrong with her. Nothing viral, bacterial, or anything visibly inside her from a manual scan and an X-Ray. The X-ray felt pointless because she had only a minor issue breathing. She wheezed with slight pressure on her neck, had early morning coughing/gagging, and occasionally the gagging/coughing throughout the day.

Apparently it wasn't Kennel Cough. But my pup was prescribed some antibiotics and she's good now. But that's like $200 later.

Does pet insurance help alleviate situations like this? Not the stress and worry, but the financial stress?

TL;DR: Unsure about pet insurance for my 9 mo puppy for xrays, major procedures, but no sign of major health issues.

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