Is my puppy ready to be crated while we’re at work?

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I currently have a 10 week old corgi puppy. He started crate training at night at 6 weeks (with the breeder). Since we brought him home he has done incredibly well holding his bladder through the night. The past week he has been sleeping through the night a total of 7 hours.

During the day, he is left in a play pen area from around 8:15-12:00 & 1-5. I had planned on letting him get a little bit older before crating him while we are at work, but seeing as how he's doing so well at night I'm curious whether or not he's ready.

While we are at work he is using his pad to pee, but there have been several times where he doesn't use the bathroom at all while we are at work. I believe he's ready (or close), but I'm hoping to get some opinions from other puppy owners.

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