Is my puppy normal? She is VERY hyperactive.

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I have a 20 week old Yorkie-Poo. She is VERY active and I do understand that these dog breeds are often energetic. However, even when she meets other Yorkie-Poo/other dog breed owners, they comment on how “crazy” and wild she is? For example, if anyone (including people shes already met) comes over to visit us, she will run over to them as fast as she can. If they’re sitting, she will jump up on them immediately and start nipping and jumping on/snapping their face. I try to prevent this by holding her or keeping her on a leash and she’ll have a “tossing” episode where she moves continuously tries to break free to get to the person. Most people that come over are afraid of her because of how wild she acts with them. If we are on a walk and she sees someone, she will literally try to kill herself to get over to them. I’ve been thinking she’s just extremely friendly and loves people but her vet made a comment recently that’s been making me worry. Given the coronavirus, I am no longer allowed into the vet with her and have to drop her off at the door so I’m unsure of her exact behavior, but when she came back out the vet commented that she is very “crazy” but she won’t “worry about it yet”? Is this normal puppy activity? How can I get my dog to calm down?

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