Is my puppy in a fear period?

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I have a ~7 month old puppy that my fiancé and I adopted a month and a half ago. Training was going well considering she was kept inside and never potty trained until she came to live with us and was nearly ~6 months old. Now over the past week, she is regressing majorly. Whenever we go outside, she is on high alert and EVERYTHING makes her start visibly shaking. Cars, people walking past, dogs walking past, kids playing a few houses down, loud music, etc. She has even began to get so scared when she sees her leash (which means we are going outside), that she pees wherever she is sitting, which has resulted in peeing on couches/beds and she has never had accidents on furniture until now. She also won't come when called if she knows it's to go outside. Even once we get outside and she goes potty, she is too anxious to eat her reward treat and just keeps staring at the street waiting for something to appear or pulling toward the door to go inside immediately. This was never an issue before and although she is shy and anxious at her baseline, this is a whole new level than what we have seen thus far. Normally she will look at whatever it is making noise/passing the house and continue with her business. I've been seeing some comments about a "fear period" and although I've tried looking some stuff up I feel like I'm not getting a proper answer. So, is this a fear period? If so, how long will this last? What can I do to help her be less anxious?

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