Is my puppy about to come into heat?

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Earlier today I caught my female puppy (5.5 months, intact, 12 lbs, will likely be ~15 lbs fully grown) humping my older male dog (4 y/o, neutered, 19 lbs). It wasn’t longer than 30 seconds before I diverted her and I haven’t seen her do it before. The only humping behavior she has shown before is with her or his bed and she’ll scoot it up under her like she’s going to hump it, but just bucks and repeats a few times. We’ve been told this is referred to as “bedding down” and isn’t really humping. Our male dog does it too.

So, is this humping possibly a sign she’s going into her first heat? She hasn’t had any other signs yet. I know it’s awfully young and previously our vet said it would probably be around 7-8 months for her size. I’m probably just overthinking it but I want to check.

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