Is my friend teaching his dog how to food guard?

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My friend has two dogs. One is a corgi and the other is a little black lab. The Corgi is extremely food aggressive. If the black lab goes anywhere near her food bowl, it will growl and even snap. So to that effect, we have a food bowl for each dog. The black lab has also begun to become very food aggressive as well and guard her food. I've started paying more attention to what goes on around the house to try and get a feel for why this could be happening.

Whenever the dog goes near the Corgi food bowl, it will sometimes steal some of the food. The black lab is definitely being fed enough, two and a half cups a day weighing about 40 lb. So it's definitely being fed enough. But whenever the black lab Goes near or steals from the Corgi food bowl, the members of the household scold the dog and sort of punished by telling it not to do that. So it seems like from the dog's perspective, they are all guarding the Corgi food bowl and the dog then might be interpreting that it must guard its own food bowl.

I'm not sure if this is actually true though because I'm not a behaviorist or dog trainer or any of that so I don't have any real expertise but I'm very curious if this is actually the case. Are they actually teaching the dog to food guard by scolding it? If so, wouldn't that mean it's counterintuitive to try and teach the dog not to food guard if they keep guarding the other food bowl? It's like teaching him not to guard but then you continue guarding. Any help is much appreciated

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