Is my bf enabling bad behavior​?

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We have two dogs and they are pretty well behaved except one thing…

They wake us up in the middle of the night to be let out. Its not every night but when they do its usually around 2-3am. We have a fenced in yard so its not a crazy chore to let them out for five min, but tis still disturbing our sleep.

Something I noticed is when he is out of town, he travels a bit for work, they won't wake me up nearly as often. Like if he is gone a week I may be woken up once MAYBE twice. But when he is home it's almost every night. DISCLAIMER: To be fair I wake up around 5:30 for work regularly but when he is out of town I wake up around 4:30 to feed them/let them out so that may also play a factor. I am also a heavier sleeper and it's generally not the dogs who wake me up but my bf getting up to let them out, so when he is out of town maybe I just sleep through their attempts so they have given up? I never wake up to any accidents or anything so I know they can hold it so now I'm wondering if my bf is just encouraging their bad behavior.

He complains about it and I have told him to try to ignore their attempts, but I think they both now know he will get up so they gang up on him. It's hard to sleep through two tongues licking your face at 3am.


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