Is Lungworm prevalent in the eastern US, specifically NC?

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As the title suggests im wondering about Lungworm. 2 nights ago i witnessed my 9 week old pup (Dalmador) eat a tiny slug. This immediately threw up a red flag for me and i started my research. From what i read its mainly in the UK, but it can be found in other parts of the world including The United States. From there i tried to find if there has been cases and really havent had any luck. I called some local vets in my area and its been 50/50 so far. One acted like they had never heard and the other recommended i go buy an OTC dewormer called Paracur. I done a little research and in one of the forums people were saying that Paracur doesnt get rid of the specific "species" of lungworm that resides in slugs and snails.

Please reddit help with some advice or just some kind words to ease my anxious mind because this has me on edge.

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