Is leaving two dogs home alone together a bad idea? Friend asked me to watch dog while he goes on a work trip, but I’m hesitant to leave him alone all day with my dog but I feel like a bad friend. Is this a valid worry?

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I’m a dog mom of one, she’s my pride and joy. My friend recently asked me to watch his dog for four days while he’s out of town for work. Both our dogs have played together under supervision before, and I have noticed a little aggression from him towards her. He is territorial and she’s submissive. I honestly want to say no to watching his dog, but I feel like a bad person. I’m a worrier in general, so I can’t tell if my worries are valid. My gut feeling is that they are. Plus, I will be at work all day and I don’t think it’s smart personally to leave two dogs alone together in the house, especially when one is not used to the environment. I’m no expert, but I get the feeling that this isn’t the best idea. Plus my friends dog is also kind of destructive – he’s known for eating furniture. Thankfully, I don’t have that issue with my pup and I know that I am lucky!

I was thinking of turning down my friend by expressing my concern – that I can’t commit to caring for my friends pup because I will be at work during those days and I don’t feel comfortable leaving our dogs alone in my house for both of their safety.

Please tell me I’m not crazy and this is a valid worry! Or, tell me this isn’t a big deal and to stop worrying 🙂

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