Is it weird that all my families Schapendoes dogs naturally know how to walk, climb and move backwards?

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We bred Schapendoes for a while and all the puppies did it too when they were about 6 weeks old. As adults, they climb down ladders backward as well as forwards ie. They don't do this to back away from people etc. or because they are anxious, they just incorporate it into their movement pattern naturally. "Why turn around on the stair ie. when you can just walk back down or up backward just as easily?"

I did rescue training with my dog (which ultimately failed because he has a fear of heights *facepalm* when it came to helicopter training), like a lot of people who got puppies from us, and everyone is always so surprised that all the dogs from us (all Schapendoes in the area are somewhat connected with us) do these things without effort and without being taught at all. I also haven't seen any friends dogs or others at the dogpark move the way ours do. Other schapendoes dogs, unrelated to ours, do it as well to a lesser or higher degree depending on the individual.

Is it really true that a lot of dogs can't walk backwards at all, or only really figure the movement pattern out after being instructed on it by a human?

Do all our dogs just do it because their mom did it naturally when they were puppies?

If that's the case, why do almost all of the puppies figure out how to climb backwards up or down ladders as adults outside of their parents influence? After all, there's no ladder in the house that the mom could show the behaviour with, and the puppies never see their mom doing it?

I think this behaviour in general suggests that they have very precise motoric skills and also high predictive abilities, in that they can guess where people and other pets move even without looking at them. Also great 3-dimensional navigation skills.

I'm sorry if this is a weird and/or dumb question, but it's been bugging me for a while because everyone always comments on this movement pattern.

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