Is it possible to encourage/train my dog to be cuddlier?

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I have a 2 year old 60 pound German Shepherd mix that I rescued from a shelter. When I first got him he was glued to me and all he wanted was affection. He constantly showed submissive behaviors and always trying to lick my face. He still does this behavior to strangers but not to me anymore. I recognize that this occurs because he may have been abused and he’s trying to prevent people from becoming angry at him.

After a lot of confidence building, structuring a routine, and bonding he seems to prefer to be alone during relaxation time. My boyfriend’s dog wants affection when she’s tired and relaxed. Their personalities are complete opposites and this has its pros and cons. I guess I feel a little jealous when I see my boyfriend’s dog cuddle up with him on the couch while mine is sleeping in his open kennel or behind the dining room table. I try to remind myself that he’s not anxiously clingy anymore because he feels secure in this house and that he trusts me. I respect his space when he’s tired and never bother him when he’s in his kennel. I don’t like the idea of forcing him to cuddle me.

Is it possible to train cuddling as an activity or a command? We bond differently now by going on adventures and I’m training him to be the perfect hiking dog. But, I really miss the evening cuddles and the daily bonding time.

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