Is it possible for a dog to be aggressive/obsessive ONLY to a certain breed?

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My 4 year old border collie has been obsessive and nippy at australian shepherds ONLY since I got her at 12 weeks old. I got her from a farm where she only interacted with her family of other border collies.

She is perfectly fine with other border collies and herding dogs who attempt to herd her, but will obsess and shake in the presence of aussies. She lunges at them when on a leash, and if she's off a leash at a dog park, she will continuously dive at them with an unfriendly seeming nip. The other dogs are rarely bothered, but occasionally give a warning nip back, which gets her more wild. She also goes tunnel vision so nothing I say or do is heard or seen when she sees an aussie.

Is is possible for dogs to express dislike over certain breeds? What can I do to eliminate this behavior?

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