Is it okay when my dog growls when people touch (not pet) her?

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I have a Newfoundland pup who is about 14 months old now. She is quite affectionate and enjoys when people pet, play, or wrestle with her, but will growl if she is even slightly touched in a manner that isn't purposefully giving her attention. It mostly occurs when she is laying at the end of our bed or on our couch and our feet get too close to her or brush against her (not a kick, just touching). The other day I was laying on the couch and she jumped up next to me to lay on the back and look out the window, and when I wouldn't move and her ribs were touching my head she growled at me. It doesn't seem to matter whether she was there first or not, and she has done it to me and my husband both. I thought maybe she, like most people, just wants a little personal space, but I also felt a bit like she was trying to bully me. I know it's a bad thing to teach a dog not to growl as it discourages an important bite warning, but I also worry I'm sending the wrong message if I just pull away and allow her to have the space every time she growls.

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