Is it a red flag, if the parents do not have OFA records even if the breeder says they are good?

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So I found a breeder for a lab puppy. They are a little cheaper than most and I don't have a lot of money to start with. I read all the necessary stuff that I should ask and went to the breeder to look at the puppies. I find out that they are super old, nice couple, the breeders, I mean. The mother of the pups is 5 1/2 years old and looks healthy. He says the father is an AKC champion and he had to drive 8 hours to get him. I'm new to dogs and all this registered pure bred stuff seems a bit ridiculous for me. (Pardon me if I'm being naive, but I had a puppy as a kid and I've always felt the dog to be a part of the family. We wouldn't have abandoned her if she had problems. That just seems incredibly disloyal to me.) I listen to the internet and ask the questions anyway. If they had any hip or eye problems. He said none. Like I said I'm too shy about pressing the issue and I left it at that. Then I looked at the puppies and all caution fled right out of my head. I paid the deposit. I'm supposed to pick the puppy up in a couple of weeks.

I come home and go on reddit again. All these awful stories. So I go back to the ad for the puppy. The breeder is registered in the akc and has registration numbers for the parents. So I look them up by the akc registration number on the OFA website and I can't find any records. I know this is suspicious. But going by the visit with the breeder, they seemed like good people. Should I just reject the puppy just for this? The ad mentioned he provides a health guarantee for the puppy he sells and helps register them in the akc. Again asking if he will take the pup back if he is sick seems too cold blooded for me. I'd rather not care about the money at that point.
I guess I'm just looking for advice on how big of a deal this actually is. If the OFA website doesn't have any records does that mean they have bad hips? Or is it possible that he never posted results there and is still telling the truth about the parents being healthy. Or am I over thinking it.

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