Is crating still useful if we’re already using a playpen for quiet times?

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Hey there, as the title suggests I'm looking for some help in deciding whether or not to introduce a crate to our little 9 weeks old mini (kaninchen) dachshund.

Short story of what happened with her so far:

We brought her home just a couple of days ago and the first day was pretty exhausting. Whining in the playpen, potty accidents and the lot. On the upside she is pretty nice about handling, she doesn't really care where or how you touch her.

The first night we just put her down in her playpen to her doggie bed and blanket (that we brought with us when we took her to get that kennel smell that she knows). She woke us up basically every two hours on the dot with whining. We waited a minute or so for her to stop then went over to comfort her.

Today is day 4 of puppyhood and things have improved a bit. She offers sit on many occasions if she wants something, and is beginning to listen to her name (but only during training sessions really). At night she only wakes us up once or twice and goes potty on the pottypad (go girl).

She is slowly taking to chewing on the right stuff and settling down more quickly in the playpen. But I wonder if she would actually sleep more soundly in a crate if she doesn't have the opportunity to wake up, move around and whine. The only reason we didn't start off with the crate was because it's a little big for her and I think she would have trouble climbing in and out of it on her own. It does have a divider however so we can section it off to make it just right in size.

What do you think? Is a long-term confinement like a playpen with pottypads,water and a bed enough for her to learn to enjoy quiet times or even in this case a crate could help out more?

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