Is "chase/keep away" causing problems or am I overreacting?

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My husband likes to play "chase" with our 4mo puppy, who has pretty weak recall. In our yard, he'll chase her around with a toy, then when she drops it she'll chase him with the toy. Basically, they take turns playing keep away.

I never play this way – I try to get her to chase me sometimes, but I never chase her. If she grabs a toy and runs away, I'll sit down and try to lure her back to me with a treat. Still – I'm finding she runs away from me more and more in the yard, and that her recall is NOT improving (outside – inside it's fine) even though I've been using high value treats and we train it almost daily.

Is my husband chasing the dog possibly the cause of the running away/recall problem? Should I ask him to stop? (He really enjoys it, and also has more experience with dogs than I do, so I'd rather not bring it up unless I have something beyond my hunch to suggest it's a problem.)

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