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Hi guys, I'm posting because I'm at a bit of a loss as to what to do. It's kind of a strange one. We (my wife and I) have an almost 2 year old English staffie. He seems to be glued to my wife, kind of has been ever since he was a pup. I tried to warn her early about this behavior, but it was never addressed properly, and now he cannot stand to not be in the same room as her. If he is in any way shut off from her he will sit outside the door and whine and scream until he is let in. He then seems pretty stressed out. We've tried to see if he ever calms down, but this behavior can go on for hours. He does not seem to want to be with any other family members as long as she is in the house. If we leave the house, he has no issues with it whatsoever, he just goes to sleep or chills with other people if there are anyone there. We recently had a baby, and he is a very energetic noisy dog who likes to rund around and play with things, which inevitably wakes our baby up. So sometimes he simply has to be removed from the room… which leads to this seemingly extreme anxiousness. I've tried the old shut the door and letting him in again trick , steadily increasing the time he is shut out etc, but it doesnt matter. If anyone has any ideas whats causing this or how to address it I would be extremely grateful for any help. Thanks!

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