Inside Johnny Depp and Amber Heards Split: Alleged Domestic Abuse, Photo Hacks, and Terriergate

After meeting on’ The Rum Diary ,’ the two virtuosoes weathered photo hacks and an Australian witch-hunt, aka’ terriergate .’ But now, Heard has filed for divorce–and accused him of overpowering her.”>

UPDATE 05/27/ 16: TMZ reports that Amber Heard arrived in court Friday with traumata on her appearance and photos depicting harms she says Depp foisted on her multiple times throughout their matrimony. The latest hurt, Heard says, happened Saturday night when Depp crushed his iPhone on her face. She claims the actor offered her coin to stay quiet but instead she registered for divorce the following morning. Heard is also searching a temporary restraining order against the actor.

Shed given to affectionately announcing him Tonto, the specific characteristics he represented in the disasterpiece The Lone Ranger, and theyd weathered a series of tabloid pseudo-scandals, but this week, the astonishing actress Amber Heard decided to call it discontinues with her screen icon partner, Johnny Depp .

Heard, 30, reportedly registered for divorce from the 52 -year-old Depp on May 22, two days after the proceed of his mother, Betty Sue Palmer. She was 81.

According to TMZ, the couple had no prenuptial agreement and Heard is seeking spousal support from her ex, who is worth an estimated $400 millionand is the proud proprietor of a 6-beach island in the Bahamas that hes dubbed Fuck Off Island . Depps solicitor, Laura Wasser, has registered a response soliciting that the judge reject the spousal supporter assert. Heard is, of course, a popular actress in her own claim, having recently starred in the films Magic Mike XXL and The Danish Girl. She is also set to whiz as Mera, the Queen of Atlantis, in the upcoming superhero blockbusters Aquaman and the two-part Justice League film. Depp, meanwhile, has the sequel Alice Through the Looking Glass opening this weekend.

It had been, if the tabloids are to be imagined, a relationship fraught with difficultiesthe considerably older Depp covered as the pursuer and Heard the passionately pursued.

Depp had handpicked Heard over a bevy of other screen attractiveness, including Scarlett Johansson and Keira Knightley, to star opposite him as the glamorous female produce of The Rum Diary. The movie was a labor of love for Deppshot in scenic Puerto Rico, adapted from the Hunter S. Thompson novel of the same call, and with the actor playing a version of his late crony. Filming for the movie started in March 2009 and lasted through the summer, and their chemistry onscreen is evident. There was, by the stars own admission, quite a bit of boozing during product, with rum the drink of choice.

In a prior interview with The Daily Beast, Heard announced filming The Rum Diary the best event ever, and shared a fib about Depp obtaining her a bicycle for her birthday that she razzed all over San Juan. I boozed lots of rum and tried not to fall off my bicycle, she said.

There were light-headed rumors at the time that the chemistry between Depp and Heard persisted when the cameras stopped wheeling, though both performers have remained mum about exactly when their woo triggered. Depp was still in a long-term tie-in with his partner( and the mother of his two children) Vanessa Paradis, while Heard was dating her partner Tasya van Ree. Heard would confirm such relationships with van Ree, coming out as bisexual at GLAADs 25 th anniversary party in December 2010.

I exactly decided to removing the cloak of ambiguity and the darknes it creates on those in the media who choose to keep it a secret or just simply dont talking here it, Heard told The Daily Beast. Its still not[ amply abode] but the needs for doing that is all the most frequently asked, important, and necessary.

The Rum Diary was released in October 2011 to mixed reviews and mediocre box office receipts, but it reunited Depp and Heard for the cinemas interminable worldwide promotional tour. Shortly afterwards, rumors inaugurated circulating that Depp had separated from Paradis, his partner of 14 yearsthey hadnt been examined together in public for monthsand they released an official proclamation through their publicist( s) corroborating it in June 2012, saying, Please respect their privacy, and even more importantly, the privacy of their children.

I saw Paradisthe stunning actress, vocalist, and former modelat her New York pied–terre a few months after the separation proclamation, and she seemed rather worn out by all the gossip, refusing to expand to the reasons why they separate.

I dont sell my private life, and nobody knows the truth or has done a proper columnists work onthatsituation, she emphatically told me. Nowadays, parties conjecture, but nothing knows! I have my children to shield. There are children involved, so its certainly no ones business but the family.

In late 2012, following the separate notice, Depp and Heard led public with their relationship. They briefly broke up in late 2012 Heard reportedly dropped Depp for French model Marie de Villepin( the daughter of former French Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin) but had reunited by April the following year. They grew participated on Christmas Eve 2013, and apparently the actress involved some serious convincing.

Amber actually took her time to make up her recollection, information sources told Celebuzz. She revolved him down before, before she said yes. So she awaited and used to think it for a long time. Depp even took to wearing an engagement doughnut on his paw, claiming it was too big for Heard.

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