Inexplicable behavior in dog; help?

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FTP here/on mobile. My 4 year old golden with pica has developed a new (and frustrating) behavior.

Whenever he takes something (which is about once an hour), he will jump on the couch, wag his tail and growl. This is not new. What is new, however, is that about a month ago, he began urinating when I attempt to remove the item from his mouth. Even if he was walked less than a half hour ago, even if he has been played with in excess of an hour less than fifteen minutes preceding the event. He will do this as I attempt the remove the item, or occasionally immediately afterwards.

The dog himself is not well trained due to a series of events beginning the month after he was acquired (turns out we bought him from a puppy mill distributor, long story) and ending about four months ago. He is not neutered. He is not totally housebroken but does not relieve himself anywhere except a single spot on the bathroom floor and has not had an accident in a least a full month and a half excluding this. Is there something I can/should do to alleviate this?

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