In need of desperate advice training a Border Collie.

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Hey everyone,

I’ve absolutely no idea what to do and need some advice. My wife and I took in a Border Collie last week. His name is Oreo and he’s a week shy off 1 year.

My wife and I took him in because we felt bad. The owner was in poor health and needed help. We went over and she showed how he was good with kids (we’ve got two) and he was a normal dog. A little excited because of new people but house trained, listened to commands, I.e. sit and his name, all was fine.

Now we’re not long into looking after him. Everything has gone pear shaped.

In our living room, we’ve large patio windows, when it’s dark he will go past the curtains and bark at his reflection for hours, no command or distraction will stop him from barking. This will last from the moment it’s dark to when he’s crated and put to bed.

When new people come in to the house he’s very, very excited but after a while he’ll calm, but when seen on the street he barks and pulls so hard he’s hurting us and himself. He’s pulled himself out of a harness twice. When cars go past he absolutely freaks out and becomes aggressive. He is now physically impossible to take for a walk. My wife isn’t strong enough he escapes and he’s bruised my hands to the point I can’t hold the lead tight enough.

He’s a Border Collie so the guy needs a ton of exercise, obviously. But our garden isn’t equipped to provide that. He’s lapped it so much he’s already uprooted the entire grass. He’s a dog that needs walks that can’t be walked.

As the days go on he’s becoming increasingly frustrated and he’s behaviour is deteriorating. He no longer listens to commands, he’s pulling at the kids. The guy is clearly frustrated and bored but we have no idea how to walk him.

I’m pretty certain this barking at his reflection is probably just a cry to get outside.

We’ve recently found out the previous owner hasn’t walked him for a very long time and he would be locked out of in her back garden for hours on end.

Any help would be fantastic.

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