In Honor Of Cheryls Perfect Date, Here Are 6 Perfect Dates Wed Love To Get On

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If you havent interpreted Miss Congeniality, please sashay away. Halt whatever you are doing at this very moment and sprint to your nearest Good Buy immediately.

Today is April 25 th, ladies and gentlemen.

Yes, April 25 th: The notorious daylight in whichCheryl Frasier took the stage at the7 5th annual Miss United Statespreliminaries, anxious to affect all of America with her statements, only to dreadfully misunderstand one of the questions.

Caught up in the rushed ofpageantry glitz and glam, whimsical Cheryl took co-host Stan Fieldsinquiry a bit more literally when asked to describe her perfect date.

Thats a tough one, she titters innocently before arranging what believes to a flawless response.

Id have to say April 25 th, Cheryl answers, because its not too hot and not too cold. All you need is a light-footed case!

* crickets*

Oh, Cheryl. Poor, good Cheryl. Though your brain may have gradually escaped through your ears , not only did you stillmanage to earn yourself the coveted treetop, you managed togift us with this iconic seasonal vacation thats, well perfect.

Its hard to relishin the not too hot , not too cold days of outpouring when all you need is a light-colored jacket.

And in honor of Cheryls on stagecoach statement upchuck, a few Elite Daily staffers have summarized their idea of an perfect time 😛 TAGEND

We go out fordinner at a yummy eatery his select.( My ideal time would have good taste that Id trust .) The prominent color in therestaurant is a deep, winered, and theres wooden pare on the ceiling. The lighting is flatteringly dim.

We order a round of whiskey-based cocktails and adozen oysters because I find those two foodsromantic.

There is minimal, if any, small talk.( I detest small talk .) We find one another brilliant andWelaugh non-stop and explore big ideas about living and cherish, then thought to adingy divebar( or three) because we dont require the nighttime to end.

Yes, this is a extremely clich perfectdate. I am fine with that.

Alexia, Senior Editor

My perfect time would be with Taylor Kitschwho played Tim Riggins on Friday Night Lightsbut hed actually be Tim Riggins, because SWOON.

For whatever reasonablenes, I suppose this taking place in a field fitted with yellow-bellied heydays. But thats not really important, because all Im looking at is my boo, Tim Riggins.

Hes certainly shirtless and his abs are hypnotizing. And as the sunbathe rises overhead, puppies pour into the field out of apparently nowhere. Like the fluffiest, cutest, most cuddly puppies ever. Just bounding towards me and leaping into my arms.

And then my lover, Tim Riggins( Is it funny to be this into a fictional character? No? OK, good .) is all like Texas eternally! and I croak because life is too freakin perfect and nothing will ever be this good ever again.

Lindsey, Social Media Editor

I enjoy reading Broadway musicals, so its always a special consider to get tickets to a brand-new or favorite prove and then plan a late nighttime dinner or guzzles after to talk about the show.

Its the quintessential New York night.

Wesley, Head Of Partnerships& Distribution

My idea of a perfect time would be were used in privacy with none other than Hollywood -Alister, Chris Evans.

Id be sprawled out on a towel as he approaches in his full Captain America garb in a slo-mo Baywatch style jog. Oncehe mounts his towel down next to mine, hewould furnish( because, you are familiar with, gentleman) to lather me up in SPF 75 because hes concerned about my pallid complexions exposure to guide sunlight( again, gentleman ).

Wed spend the day talking about his Boston upbringing, his future as an Avenger under Marvel Studios and why he doesnt do more nude situations. Then, as the nighttime winded down, wed throw back a chilled glass ofPatrn before obligating sweetened, sweet love for the purposes of the mantle of superstars and moonlight.

Its at the moment of orgasm that I recognise Im actually salivating ina Chipotle, holding up the line as I ponderwhetherI splurge on extra guac. And splurge, I do.

Sean, Sex& Dating Editor

My perfect time would be for someone to take me to an artwork museum. Wed sit in front of a Georgia OKeefe exhibit and chuckle because were essentially two 12 -year-olds sitting amongst vagina flowers.

Theyd ask if I knew nothing about artwork. Id tell them I know a little bit, but not much, even though I know more than a little bit. Id listen as they boasted that they know a great deal about artwork, and Id find all the misinformation theyd feed me strangely endearing.

At the end of the date, Id politely ask them to wire me$ 5 million. Theyd oblige. Id then tell them its hour for them to leave. Theyd likewise oblige.

Id collect the$ 5 million, and theyd never contact me again. Then, Id go on to live in perfect emptines, sipping Malbec on the hall of a seaside villa and using a $100 invoice to wipe my tears.

Theresa, Sex& Dating Editor

My perfect time is May 13 and preferably a Friday.

Im in constant search for an evening that pays tribute to how dreadful of a human I am, and Id love for my time to join in. It would concern a lot of meat and probably lying to strangers.

I hate proposals, organize and prescribed recreation, so Id like to gallivant in the city, flitting from prohibit to prohibit when the wind picks up and I flourish bored.

Ideally, at the end of the time, I would change their own lives, pay for everything and phantom him forever.

Kaitlyn, Editor At Large

If Miss Rhode Island can achieve perfect time greatness, youcan too.

Happy April 25 th, everyone!

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