Impulse Control for 10 week old puppy

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Hi everyone… I have a 9 week old, male mixed breed puppy (the mom was a stray that looked like a small husky, and the puppy looks like he has a bit of american staffordshire in him), who I got about a week ago. We've started training him using the zak george 30 day training videos, but I've noticed that when he becomes overly excited or when he lunges at my other dogs (3 year old husky, and 14 year old poodle), if I try to hold him back, or restrain him, he begins growling/snarling and biting me.
I read some articles online that said this was due to poor impulse control and resulting anxiety from not getting what he wants, so I called Petsmart to sign him up for puppy classes that will start in about a week and a half. Is there anything I can due in the mean time to curb him lashing out at me when I try to hold him back from something? I'm currently working on 'leave it' with him, and it works awesome when he's calm but if he's too worked up about the other dogs food, or messing with them when they want to be alone, he shuts down.

So far I've tried the leave it command before he runs after what he wants, tried redirecting to a toy also, and when it finally gets to the point where I use my hands to block him, or pick him up I read somewhere that you're supposed to keep holding them until they calm down and then reward them, but I don't know if that's right or not.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, sorry for the long post!

TLDR: Puppy attacks me when I hold him back from something he wants, advice needed.

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